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“The key conflict that The Trek explores is the oldest one of them all: the struggle over land. Both sides in this conflict stand to lose everything and there’s a feeling of inevitability as each step on their journey strips them of more of their humanity. I think this speaks to the loss of innocence that the colonial project brought about and the importance of looking back so as not to let history repeat itself” – Meekaaeel Adam

Global Screen, the Munich-based international sales outfit, has boarded worldwide sales on “The Trek,” the upcoming first feature from leading South African cinematographer and director Meekaaeel Adam. The film is a horror-Western, in which starvation, suspicion and madness plague a family as they cross the Kalahari Desert under the eyes of primeval spirits. – Variety


Directed by RYAN KRUGER

Written by RYAN KRUGER


Cineverse has acquired all North American rights to the reboot of the 1987 horror-comedy “Street Trash.” The reboot of the cult classic is helmed by “Fried Barry” director Ryan Kruger.

Over three decades after the slimy and grimy film’s debut, Kruger is moving this horror story out of Brooklyn and into a whole new continent with an even more potent message. “Our reimagining of Street Trash takes place in Cape Town, South Africa where the growing divide between rich and poor has changed the world as we know it,” said Kruger in a statement. “I was a huge fan of the original ‘Street Trash’ when I was a kid, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to introduce a whole new generation to the melted gonzo goodness that made the original such a classic.” – Variety

“While our reimagining features new, exciting plot elements that give the film many bizarre twists and turns, the core of the film lies with our diverse and unique cast of characters. As a director, I am very character centric and I can’t wait to see our strange and hilarious ensemble on screen together as they navigate the hostile streets of Cape Town.” – Ryan Kruger


Written & Directed by JAMES C. WILLIAMSON

“I’ve never been one to hold the audience’s hand and guide them towards a set conclusion. The final (and most important) creative exchange in the filmmaking process happens between the audience and the film itself – and I believe this should happen as freely and organically as every other step in the process” – James C. Williamson


Written & Directed by RYAN KRUGER



“I’ll be the first to say: this movie isn’t going to please everyone! It’s weird, it’s edgy and it can be a harrowing viewing experience for a lot of people. I am confident, however, that audiences have never seen a movie like this one. People who are looking for something mind-bending and completely different will be in for a treat” – Ryan Kruger


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The Department of Special Projects is a South African-based development and production company – helmed by producer James C. Williamson – that produces auteur-driven genre films for the local and international market